Dear SMU,

How the time has flown. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was unpacking into my dorm room and now it is almost time for midterms. Here’s what I’ve found so far this year that has surprised me, annoyed me, and baffled me. First off, let me talk about my dorm. I live in Boaz, and after staying there for AARO I was excited to live there. Oh how near-sighted I was in that excitement. The more you look at Boaz, the more you see how terrible it is when compared to the other dorms. I envy all of those that live in the new dorms because of the simple luxuries that come with them, such as shower heads that are of an adequate height and dorm rooms that are large enough to live in comfortably with someone else. The other thing that has disappointed me is the food. It seems that the only good things you can get at Umph are the omelets and sandwiches, and those don’t even taste amazing after having to wait 20 minutes for them. The one redeeming quality of Umph is the staff, specifically Mama T and Derrick. No matter how bad a day I’m having, I can always count on them to put a smile on my face. Probably the thing I have enjoyed the most and been the most surprised about is the Boulevard. I know, it is so stereotypical of an SMU student to say how much he loves the Boulevard, but it really has to be experienced in order to realize how much fun it really is. Being able to walk between the tents and meet people with my friends is one of the highlights of my week. I’ve already had two prospective students stay with me during the homecoming game, and I think I may have sold them simply with the Boulevard. I don’t even need to say how beautiful the campus is, but why must it be soiled by the construction sites dotted across it? The construction has never really been an issue with me as far as getting to classes or noise goes, but I loathe it solely for how ugly it makes the campus. I understand that SMU is trying to make the campus more beautiful, but when there is construction happening year-round it starts to seem senseless. There is no point in having one of the most beautiful campuses in the country if it is constantly smeared with the ugly stains of rubble and construction equipment. That all being said, I could not be happier to be at SMU. I’ve made some amazing friends and memories already and I look forward to what the rest of my time here will hold.

Sincerely, Alex Gurasich, Class of 2019

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