SMU Football Needs Student Energy

Chad Morris has given life to this campus again. Each of the first 3 games of the season created a buzz that permeated the entire university. Now, after 3 weeks of disappointing losses, that energy has been dialed back. For students, this string of losses shouldn’t warrant a complete loss of hope. We have played better this year than we ever did last season. Students have actually been present in our student section at the start of the game and at the start of the 3rd quarter. A sense of community has developed on campus around the SMU football team. Boulevards and football games bring students, faculty, staff, and alumni together like nothing else on campus. Maintaining this school pride is a two-part process. Show up to boulevards and then attend the games, no matter how much the debauchery of the day has you “not feeling it.” Give our team a quarter or two to prove itself. After you’ve given the players that chance, it’s up to them and the coaching staff to deliver their end of the deal. If our players play hard and fight until the end, we should be there right beside them. If nothing else, stay until the 4th for Beans. Our football program is turning around, but it can’t happen overnight. Have faith in your fellow Mustangs and keep cheering; we all want something to cheer for. Keep faith, and pony up.

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