Welcome from Your Honors Mentors

10431681_724212240967408_8174919279774563058_nYour friendly Honors Mentors would like to warmly welcome you to the 2015–2016 school year! We hope members of our newest class of Honors students feel welcome and have been able to establish a successful routine on campus. Also, we hope returning Honors students continue to thrive and exceed everyone’s expectations, including their own. To those in the UHP who are not yet familiar with the Honors Mentor position on campus, I would like to take this opportunity to officially introduce our role within the Honors program and, throughout the course of the year, continue to provide updates about UHP activities and events in this column.

With the integration of the Residential Commons system on campus and the dissolution of Virginia-Snider as the traditional Honors dorm, UHP administrators have searched for ways to continue the sense of community and shared learning experiences within members of the Honors program. Distributed between the 11 Residential Commons on campus, first- and second-year Honors students within each living community now share an Honors mentor (or mentors) who can not only provide information about courses in the UHP but also connect Honors students within and among the RCs. As your Honors mentors, we are committed to helping you achieve the highest degree of academic excellence during your academic career at SMU, and we hope to help provide each Honors student with a sense of community and support from fellow scholars on campus. Please come visit us if you have any questions regarding Honors courses, petitioning courses for Honors credit, scholarship and fellowship applications, or if you have any ideas about improvements to the UHP experience on campus. SMU, and specifically the UHP, provides students with such a wide variety of enriching intellectual experiences, and we want to help you take full advantage of everything this campus has to offer. We welcome all Honors students, of any year on campus, to participate in our UHP-hosted activities and provide any feedback regarding the Honors program. Stay curious about the fascinating world around us, stay eager to avidly pursue your studies, and stay committed to yourself, your colleagues, and your education. We wish you absolute success in your academic pursuits this year! Sincerely,

Your Friendly Honors Mentors


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