Analysis Creations

A Poetic Reflection on the Common Reading

“Broken Shards”
by Ceci Weigman
Inspired by Brian Stevenson’s Just Mercy

Each one of us is like a piece of broken glass,
Delicate shards resting in nooks and crannies all over the world.
Shining, twinkling where we lay, bright spots in dark places.
Some hidden away in the rough.
Others out for all to see.
We each have sharp edges that protrude.
Some sharper than others.
A foot lands on one of them and bleeds.
The blood covers all of us.
We are now like rubies—red and glowing,
Grotesquely captivating.
But we still sparkle.
It is a beautiful mess, all of our pieces
All over the floor.
We are beautifully broken apart;
We are broken together.
But we can also be whole together.
Your piece and mine, we make a new whole.
Their pieces and ours, we create something greater.
More and more broken pieces.
Together forming something better.
It’s like a puzzle.
Each piece is unique and different on its own.
Each piece necessary for the puzzle.
Each piece more beautiful together than apart.
Will you bring your brokenness and add it to mine?
Will you join me and together we can be whole?
Can you do it?
But in joining us, you must first embrace your own brokenness
Because it is our brokenness that makes coming together meaningful in the first place.
And we can’t stop here,
For we need all the pieces of the puzzle.
We need everyone, every person, every piece,
Even the tiniest shards,
To make us whole.
But first, I just need you.

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