Creations Perspectives

Meryl Woke Me Up

A poem by Naomi Samuel

it’s funny
how you see destruction
of words
of truth
of people
on your tv
and it seems so…distant
and you never question your own freedom.

You never once fathom
what it would be like
to die for it
here freedom is oxygen
we don’t think about it
even as we watch the world drown

And now,
that the floods that were once so far away
and the monsters that unleash them
have arrived
I have found myself asking-

What is going to happen to freedom?
Would I die for mine?
Will I have to?


…and I tap on the glass
asking to be set free from this nightmare
but it seems no one is listening
but they do watch
as I beg of them
to let me out
of this television.