A poem by Naomi Samuel featuring art by Stejara Dinulescu

Upon a rainy evening, in sumptuous solace I resided
        He ravished the clouds above, so in you were invited
You caressed my virgin heart, and decided I would bloom
        And together, we created offspring beyond my womb

Penetration of my pain, so much we’d explore
        Knowing our passion would never exist once more
My pen traced my spine, which seemed to collapse
        The curve of the moon became the arch in my back

The dim of the candles, and use of the wax
        To seal your every breath, as you had me relax
And soon the sound of his wind beating at my doors
        Was muffled by the rhythm of our bodies on the floor

There wasn’t a second we’d been able to spare
        Our frenzy doused me in sweat and pulled at my hair
My mind was racing, to document our dance before it slipped
        For fear the thoughts would exit too quick through my lower lips

A lingering glance farewell, knowing you’ll only be revisited
        In the corners of my ind, where we lay uninhibited
He has made me suffer, but it’s because of him we were born
        Perfect in fleeting existence – a rose with no thorn.